Saturday, 5 February 2011


I noticed there were bugs coming in the back door at my parents. I showed a toddler and we knelt down to look at them. There were green and red ladybirds, slugs, snails and spiders. They were crawling from the doorstep under some spiders web. I felt I needed to contain them and put a clear polythene frame over them, the last inch of the frame had sticky tape to attach it to the floor. It pulled around the feet and did not stick to the kitchen carpet.

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Two slugs escaped and two snails who were apparently acting like a border patrol went after them. One of the garden snails caught up with a slug, the slug twisted around and bit the head of the snail. The snail was much larger and fought back consuming the slug. The second slug was also eaten by the snail. The Ladybirds had lined up inside the polythene frame like soldiers on parade.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Peeping Paper

I look back and see the corner of a red brick wall. Around the corner I can see scrunched up newspaper, the scrunched up newspaper is all the way up to head height. It's peering around the corner and looking at me.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


I can see him in my dream walking away down a corridor. The corridor has dark stairs in shadow to the left hand side and dark and light spaces. The walls come in and go out in bright white and dark shadowed blocks. He's wearing a grey cardigan and the back of his head has dark mousy hair cut short.

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He turns to look at me, casting a glance over his shoulder and I meet his stare, our eyes lock. His head is covered in nodules, they look like large lumbs of gristle evenly spaced about an inch apart and half an inch in diameter. I can see from his eyes he is imploring me to remember his words and his eyes are cold like concrete. I've already forgotten what he said.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

You must be beautiful, you must be good, you must help...

Dream't my VW mechanic had moved out of his workshop and was working out of a chicken shed. This was done to try to evade his father who was trying to sue him.

I left his shed and came out in a small rural village. A chap asked me if I wanted to be an extra in a movie and I said 'yes'. My friend Dave was there. (see portrait below)

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The shooting didn't go well and we were left wondering whether we would get paid. Dave had a breakdown and suddenly we were at my university. I was wandering around the students union but it was all corridors with no offices, I was also trying to hold Dave up all the time. I thought there must be somebody who can help, but couldn't find anybody.

There was a sign with the departments listed and several people were clustered around it. I thought well if the union is crap, I'll contact somebody in the academic departments, the head of classics appeared in a crumpled grey suit and I asked him if he knew anyone who could help Dave. He looked vague said no without looking me in the eye and walked off. Dave was wearing denim dungarees a grey shirt and had long hair.

A bad smell filled the corridor and I realised Dave had lost control of his bodily functions. Some Poo fell out of his left hand trouser leg; the poo was glistening silver and looked a lot like dog poo.

It was a real effort to keep him upright so I decided to go outside and sit on the grass. Dave said he was looking for a flat mate and in the distance I saw Lizzy. We were sat on a round lawn with a road to the right hand side and old university building to the left, I woke up in a start with the words:

You must be beautiful,
You must be good,
You must help.

Ringing in my ears.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Zomble Bee

I dream't about a giant zombie bumble bee(about the size of a fist)It was at my parents house, it zoomed in to the front room. 

I was there with my son, he asked me to let it outside. It was walking on a sash window, so I lifted the bottom half (it was on the top). 

Unfortunately it got caught between the 2 panes (being so big) and lay on it's back at the bottom of the top pane. I felt sorry for it and hoped it would get better, it looked very cuddly.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Goldie lookin dog

I dreamt about buying milk from the corner shop and then walking down the road. A lorry and Mercedes pulled across the pavement in front of me and across the entrance to the building site. In the Merc was a man in a lumber jack shirt and a huge German Shepherd Dog which he was chaining to the steering wheel with a big thick chain.

I had to crawl under the truck and then under a cement mixer and I got stuck, so I tipped the cement mixer in to the street. Police were arriving on horseback and foot. People had started gathering to look at where someone had been shooting a rifle at trees on the site, one mentioned there had been a paper target on one of the trees but now it had gone. The dog was loud – woof!

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Friday, 3 September 2010

Fill your whole world with a...

Also I dreamt I was at my grandma's house. Sharon from Eastenders was in the front bedroom. The bedroom was bare but for a large flat screen TV, which was showing a new version of Rainbow.

Geofrey was now a really scary looking life-size puppet, they were flying around in the Tweenies spaceship. Sharon was constantly pacing the room, which was decorated in leopard skin wallpaper. A small blonde boy was there and was delighted with Rainbow.

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Later I found someone had broken in to the coal store, shed and garage and taken power tools, the whole thing was quite stressful. My Aunt was on her way - I thought I'd better call the police.