Sunday, 3 October 2010

You must be beautiful, you must be good, you must help...

Dream't my VW mechanic had moved out of his workshop and was working out of a chicken shed. This was done to try to evade his father who was trying to sue him.

I left his shed and came out in a small rural village. A chap asked me if I wanted to be an extra in a movie and I said 'yes'. My friend Dave was there. (see portrait below)

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The shooting didn't go well and we were left wondering whether we would get paid. Dave had a breakdown and suddenly we were at my university. I was wandering around the students union but it was all corridors with no offices, I was also trying to hold Dave up all the time. I thought there must be somebody who can help, but couldn't find anybody.

There was a sign with the departments listed and several people were clustered around it. I thought well if the union is crap, I'll contact somebody in the academic departments, the head of classics appeared in a crumpled grey suit and I asked him if he knew anyone who could help Dave. He looked vague said no without looking me in the eye and walked off. Dave was wearing denim dungarees a grey shirt and had long hair.

A bad smell filled the corridor and I realised Dave had lost control of his bodily functions. Some Poo fell out of his left hand trouser leg; the poo was glistening silver and looked a lot like dog poo.

It was a real effort to keep him upright so I decided to go outside and sit on the grass. Dave said he was looking for a flat mate and in the distance I saw Lizzy. We were sat on a round lawn with a road to the right hand side and old university building to the left, I woke up in a start with the words:

You must be beautiful,
You must be good,
You must help.

Ringing in my ears.

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