Saturday, 18 September 2010

Zomble Bee

I dream't about a giant zombie bumble bee(about the size of a fist)It was at my parents house, it zoomed in to the front room. 

I was there with my son, he asked me to let it outside. It was walking on a sash window, so I lifted the bottom half (it was on the top). 

Unfortunately it got caught between the 2 panes (being so big) and lay on it's back at the bottom of the top pane. I felt sorry for it and hoped it would get better, it looked very cuddly.

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  1. I dreamed I was looking at a menu for the Brasilia Cafe. When you opened it up, you saw moving pictures of Sydney in the 1960s. There were old cars, trucks and trams and, most interestingly, all the vehicles were driven by monkeys.