Friday, 3 September 2010

Fill your whole world with a...

Also I dreamt I was at my grandma's house. Sharon from Eastenders was in the front bedroom. The bedroom was bare but for a large flat screen TV, which was showing a new version of Rainbow.

Geofrey was now a really scary looking life-size puppet, they were flying around in the Tweenies spaceship. Sharon was constantly pacing the room, which was decorated in leopard skin wallpaper. A small blonde boy was there and was delighted with Rainbow.

Rainbow is a trademark of Thames Television Ltd. ©1972 FremantleMedia Enterprises Ltd and no attempt is made to supersede this or any other copyright.

Later I found someone had broken in to the coal store, shed and garage and taken power tools, the whole thing was quite stressful. My Aunt was on her way - I thought I'd better call the police.

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